What is Mint +?

Mint + loyalty program is a member only benefits program. Mint + members’ benefits vary according to the tier they belong to. Each of the tiers has exclusive benefits and the tier a member belongs to depends on largely the member spends in our store annually.

How can I join the loyalty program?

The registration can be done digitally through a form in our stores or in the Sign In section of this micro site.

Do I get a discount just for subscribing?

No, you will start receiving a discount percentage once the 1,001€ of annual purchase has been exceeded.

When are the subscription benefits active?

Within 48 hours of receiving the confirmation email subscription will activate the discount for each level. The Silver level does NOT have discount for purchase, the rest of levels yes.

In which stores can I use the benefits?

In all stores of The Mint Company group (The Mint Company, Franchises and Shuzu), except Factory stores.

Does the benefits apply to other promotions?

No, it cannot be combined with any other promotion. In the only case that is cumulative, is the additional discount of 5% per membership birthday or anniversary, in which case a 5% discount is added to your current tier discount.

If I make a purchase on the web, do I get the same benefits?

Yes, when you make a purchase on the web you must put the same email you used to subscribe to the loyalty program and contact our customer service to cross the information on-line and off-line, and thus apply the discount.

When I change a level, are the new benefits applied automatically?


When is the level change checked?

Level checks are done annually every May the 1st. According to your annual spend, your tiering will change automatically. Nevertheless, if a member’s annual spend crosses the established levels before this date, the level is changed automatically and the member will not have to wait for the rest of the year.

If my birthday coincides with my membership anniversary date, is there only a 5% complimentary discount or both?

Only the additional 5% applies, the two birthday and membership anniversary discounts do not add up.

Does the complimentary discount for membership anniversary add to the discount I have as a loyal customer?

Yes, if the customer has a 10% discount for a loyal customer and for their membership anniversary an additional 5% discount is applied, they will have a 15% discount on their purchases, valid one week before and one week after the anniversary date.

What do I have to present in the store to receive the discount?

The customer has to present his Personal Identification to verify the data in the system. No membership card is required.

How do I know about my exclusive promotions?

We will send you all the Mint + Loyalty Program benefits and news by email. If you do not receive any of our communications, update your details by contacting us through the Customer Service at [email protected] or at any of our group stores The Mint Company.

Where can I use my membership anniversary or birthday discount?

You can use it on any purchase you make by identifying yourself as a partner in The Mint Company group stores, bearing in mind that this discount is only valid for two weeks from the time it is sent by email.

I have registered in the store, can I also get advantages online?

You can also enjoy all the advantages of the club in your online purchases by logging in at or Remember to use the same e-mail with which you registered in store.

How can I unsubscribe from the Mint+ Loyalty Program?

To unsubscribe from the club, you must deactivate your account at The Mint Company through the Customer Service Department or at any of the group stores.

Can I change my contact details?

Yes, all you have to do is contact Customer Service at [email protected] or go to any group store and update all the information you want.