Terms & Conditions


Membership in Mint+ Loyalty Program can be made digitally at our stores or through our webpages: or

When the client registers, he/she will receive an automatic confirmation email, where the registration must be confirmed.

If member does not receive the confirmation email or does not confirm, three more reminder emails will be sent, one per month, and if no confirmation is received from the client within this period, the subscription will be automatically cancelled.

Once member has confirmed the subscription by e-mail, the client will begin to receive e-mails. The first one will be a welcome email, highlighting the advantages of belonging to the Mint+ club. After this moment, the client will begin to receive commercial content emails, where he/she will be able to find all the information about the latest launches, new collection products, promotions, store actions and many more.

In addition, the customer will receive congratulatory emails for the birthday and for the membership anniversary, confirming that, from that moment, and with a duration of two weeks, will have an additional complimentary discount of 5% on purchases.

Level Changes will also be communicated via email. The 1st of May will review the purchases that the member has made during the year, looking if the annual consumption has been necessary to stay at the same level or has been lower, and therefore, lower. However, customers will be able to level up automatically based on their purchases, i.e. no time will have to elapse before they can enjoy greater benefits.

In the event that the customer decides to unsubscribe from the Club Mint+ database and stop receiving the benefits of the loyalty plan, a confirmation email will be sent, adding the benefits and advantages that they will no longer receive after this.

Shipping costs

The shipping costs of all purchases made by Club Mint+ members to the Canary Islands will depend on the level at which they are. Only customers in the Mint+ Black level will receive their purchases free of charge in their homes or hotels*. It will be necessary for these customers to identify themselves as partners in The Mint Company Group stores or on the web with their identity card and e-mail.

*Orders will only be sent to hotels on the islands where there is at least one shop belonging to The Mint Company Group (Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Tenerife).

Birthday gift

Club Mint+ members will receive an email with the gift promotion one week before the birthday, provided in the registration form. These promotions can be used within a maximum of two weeks from the sending of the email.

This promotion is not cumulative with others, only in the case that it is an additional discount percentage, customers who are in the levels Mint + Gold, Mint + Platinum and Mint + Black, may add their discount percentage with the birthday gift. The most favorable discount for the customer will always be applied.

There is no need for the customer to present anything, the gift will be applied automatically.

Membership anniversary gift

When customers have been registered in the Club Mint+ database for one year, they will receive an additional 5% on their purchases. This discount will be sent via email and will be valid one week before and one week after the birthday.

This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions. Only if you belong to the levels Mint+ Gold, Mint+ Platinum and Mint+ Black, you can add your discount percentage with the additional 5% anniversary per membership. The most favorable discount for the client will always be applied.

There is no need for the customer to present anything, the gift will be applied automatically.

Invitation to private sales

Through a Newsletter, customers belonging to the Mint+ Platinum and Mint+ Black levels will be able to access different exclusive promotions, such as private sales or pre-launch sales.

In both cases, the member of the Mint+ Club will be able to benefit, during a determined period of time, from unique and personal discounts. The time of these promotions will be indicated in the Newsletter.

These promotions may be redeemed only at private events to be held in any of the stores of The Mint Company group and on the website of this, or

Invitation to exclusive events

To be able to access this advantage, customers must be in the last two levels, Mint+ Platinum or Mint+ Black.

The customer will receive, by email, a newsletter with the date, time and place of the event and the reason for it. To be able to access the event, the client only has to present his identity document.

At in-store events, customers will be able to enjoy different exclusive private sale offers, as well as see before anyone else the news of the best brands.

These events will take place in any store of The Mint Company group.

Preferential Customer Service

Although all customers of The Mint Company group have personalized attention, members of the highest level, Mint+ Black, also has a preferential deference.

If the customer needs personalised help, they only need to identify themselves to the store staff and they will know at all times what to do to ensure that the member leaves the store with what they wanted.

Special gifts

Members of the Mint+ Black level will receive exclusive gifts to thank for their loyalty. These gifts range from exclusive promotions to different personalized gifts.

The loyal customer will know that he has been rewarded by an email, as well as the place of collection. There is also the possibility that the gift is received by the customer by regular mail, giving prior notice of this gift.

Percentage discount

Members of Club Mint+ will enjoy different percentages of discounts for their purchases. The amount of the percentage will depend on the customer's annual consumption, that is to say, on the level to which they belong.

  • Mint+ Silver: Customers belonging to this level have NO discount per purchase.
  • Mint+ Gold: Customers belonging to this level must have an annual consumption between 1.001€ and 3.000€. They will enjoy a 10% discount on their annual purchases.
  • Mint+ Platinum: They have a 12% discount percentage and their annual consumption must range between 3.001€ and 6.000€.
  • Mint+ Black: These customers have annual purchases of more than 6.001€ and can enjoy a 14% discount on their purchases.

Customers will be able to level up automatically depending on their purchases. In other words, no time will have to elapse before you can enjoy the greatest advantages.

However, on 1 May, the purchases made by the member during the year will be reviewed to see if he or she has consumed enough to stay at the same level or go down. Members will know the level change at Club Mint+ by email.

This promotion is not cumulative with other promotions, except for additional discounts for birthday or membership anniversary gifts. The most favorable discount for the client will always be applied.


In order to enjoy the benefits of the loyalty program with total security, it is essential to identify yourself with an official document.