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What is Mint +?

Mint + loyalty program is a member only benefits program. Mint + members’ benefits vary according to the tier they belong to. Each of the tiers has exclusive benefits and the tier a member belongs to depends on largely the member spends in our store annually.




Stay up to date on news, events and colections and don't miss any promotion.

Birthday Gift

Special days for you are are special days for us. Visit our store to pick the gift we have prepared for you.

Membership Anniversary Gift

And also we want special days for us become special days for your, and we want to celebrate it with a gift.

Invitation to Private Sales

Private sales and pre-sales events are great opportunities to have privileged access to product at best prices.

Invitation to Exclusive Events

Enjoy different exclusive offers and see the novelties of the best brands before anyone else.

Free Home / Hotel Delivery

Whether you live here or you are here on holidays, free delivery to your house or hotel.

Preferential Customer Service

Personalized and preferential attention in any of our stores.

Special Gifts

Exclusive personalized gifts to your loyalty.

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